Join Valley Rugby

The Valley Kangaroos Rugby Football Club is always open to new players of all skill levels – it just takes two steps:

1. Register with USA Rugby (CIPP)

To play with Valley, you need to be a current member of USA Rugby. Membership costs a yearly fee and includes accident and liability insurance (CIPP). Follow the steps below to register (or click here for video tutorial),

  1. Go to and enter your email address and password
  2. If you are not yet a member of USA Rugby, follow the prompts to create a new profile
  3. Once logged in to your profile, select Register in the upper left hand corner
  4. Click on Find A Club
  5. Select yourself as the person you are planning to register
  6. Search for Valley Kangaroos, select our club, and select next
  7. Choose to register as a Player for a Senior Club for the Season
  8. Review your personal information (you can edit this information later if incorrect)
  9. Upload a profile photo (optional)
  10. Update your emergency contact information and answer any other questions
  11. Review your Registration Summary
  12. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  13. Enter your Payment information to pay the USA Rugby fee and complete your registration

2. Pay your club dues

All Valley Rugby members must pay their yearly dues to help cover the cost of fields, equipment, travel, etc. Our dues are $400 per season, or $200 per half.